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I was born, coincidentally the same year as the release of Gone with the Wind, as Charles David Frey, but throughout my lifetime I have attempted, over the resistance of employees of the IRS, Medicare, insurance companies, alumni groups, and the like, to drop my first given name. I have a degree in civil engineering from Ohio University, '61, the beginning of an educational path that helps to make me fact-oriented, if not obsessed, but not to the exclusion of having a few opinions, hopefully mostly well informed.

David in Chu Lai
Chu Lai - 1965
Much of my military orientation stems from my six year career as a Marine Corps officer during which time I served as a Shore Party officer as well as a logistics staff officer. During much of that time I completed a variety of courses and training schools, including a Special Forces School on counter insurgency, before serving early in Vietnam (3rd MarDiv; 1965-66) where I was seriously wounded thereby forcing my medical retirement. Being in Vietnam did not alone make me a military expert but it did spawn an intense interest in military history, especially command leadership as well as the multitude of factors that formulate the development, adjustments, and implementation of strategy.

Battle of Gettysburg Picture